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How ‘The Most Viewed LinkedIn Profiles’ Shown A ‘Me Too’ World

This week has been an interesting one in the world of social media. What it does flag is the ego driven world in which we live in and how lovely it is to be popular.

Firstly, LinkedIn updates were bombarded on Tuesday (12th February) with others sharing that ‘you have one of the most viewed linkedIn profiles’ for 2012.

On Wednesday (13th February) the world of Facebook was awash with thousands of people who could name a film with the letter ‘S’ in the title. The messages that were shared were titled ‘name a movie which does not have the letter “S” in it.’

These are both great examples of a topic ‘going viral’ and people’s ego feeding off it to share with everyone else (namely there are many films without the letter ‘S’ in it). What it does show is that if you make something so amazing, you feel that you have to tell the world about it.

It’s not an easy thing to do, but when you get it right it spreads. The key here is to share with others things that are meaningful, but on the other side of the coin what value does this have with everyone else to know that you are revered on LinkedIn?

The majority of content expressed on social media sites is ‘all about me,’ when in reality to build trust, it’s all about your audience. We all want validation of who we are in this world, but to share content with others, the key is to be meaningful and have a purpose.

If we want to build businesses where people are banging at our doors to work with us, we need to position ourselves to the benefit of others. Not as an exercise to prove how popular we are, but the opportunity that we provide the communities and fields we have expertise in.

The world of LinkedIn became a ‘me too’ place on Tuesday afternoon. If you build a business aimed at being popular, you’re going to fail every time, based on the fact that the path you follow is the same as the majority.

If you’re looking for success, put the ego to one side and think, create and keep away from the herd.

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