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How To Build A Strong Voice To Drive Attention. With Dan Willis


On this show, lets look at carving a voice to build awareness and then attention.

The recent BuzzSumo Content Trends Report 2018 points to the fact that whilst there is a glut of expertise and the channels to dictate is readily available, earning attention is proving extremely difficult.

When you have something that is believable, honest and with purpose, people start to listen.

This is exactly what Dan Willis, from Why Digital, has done to drive awareness to mental health and to find allies and support for a cause for others to pay attention. This also links indirectly to his business.

In this show:

– why did Dan decide to make that stand to champion mental health? 

– how Dan built awareness around this cause

– where have been Dan’s successes

– being believable by sharing your own experiences provides strength

– finding a cause for someone else to believes in that is honest, relevant, consistent

Let me know what you think

Enjoy the show

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