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How To Get Others Invested In You

To build a reputation takes so more than just publishing content. It’s the commitment from others linked to who you are and what you do that keeps people with you.

It takes a lot for someone else to invest in you. 

Let me share what makes a difference for others to know that you are the right person for them:




This has got nothing to do with who you can interrupt or the amount of attention you can gain. It’s about realising that the right people around you is what keeps you relevant and a continual role to play. You need others invested in you to keep going and to build something meaningful.

Who You Are

This is deeply rooted in your values and what motivates you. It’s what makes you your authentic self.

Before you step up and put something into action, it is important to make sure it aligns with what you believe in. You have to want that association, without trying to figure out a way to cut corners.

You Are The Media is centred on my values of building an independent space that people want to join in with, that isn’t always reliant on social media (or someone else). For instance, I’m now trying to figure it out with the weekly YATM newsletter and to 100% own the database and distribution to not be with a third party. I have been using Mailchimp for years but noticed skewed results and emails not getting through firewalls. 

Joe Glover gets across a very strong point in this article called, Patagonia has thrown down the gauntlet on purpose, where Joe says, “How far are we willing to go to really live the purpose we exist for?”

When it comes to who you are, if you can give a generous approach to what you do, that has no strings attached, then you are more likely to do work where people will tell others. 

What You Do

This is where people make that connection with what you say and do. It doesn’t mean you have to follow the line for how your industry wants you to behave but to actively want change to happen. 

When you leave enough prompts and are visible in what you stand for, it encourages action from others. You can’t be sporadic, you have to be invested and curious about the problems in front of you and find a way to delve deeper with others to explore. 

When the right people can see what you do, it encourages commitment. This could be to subscribe, enroll or purchase. This doesn’t mean that the audience has to be huge. When people are invested in what you do, it means you have the opportunity for a small group of people to enjoy what you do so much that it wouldn’t be as good if you were not around. If you can’t do that, then you don’t have much chance of reaching others. 

Investment from others in what you do is centred around:

Having the proof to show others – your work can be part of a continual live lab where you show the practical side to how things work and also invite people to be a part and see for themselves

The opportunity for growth – When you stick with something, it helps people make an association with you. When others can see for themselves the enthusiasm and willingness, they are more willing to tell others. 

Fine-tuning – Over time you start to become confident in what you do and the role you serve others and you find a space that isn’t dominated. 

Stepping Up To Say ‘Let’s Do This’

People are ready to invest in you when you put out the signal for others to join in. This is all about action.

You decide to do something where a reaction from others is encouraged. When it is not all on you and you take a step back to let others lead, there is strength from embarking on ambitious projects with others. It feels so much better when you solve intriguing problems together.

This call to arms to want to do work together and be visible happens because you want to. You want to show that commitment to others that you are willing to discover with them. Most people don’t do this, as it means taking responsibility for the pitfalls that might happen. Then again, success only happens when you don’t accept failure as an option (read this article on delivering ideas that might not work).

People become committed when they know they are seen and everyone plays a role to make something better. This is where the magic lies as it’s the act of doing something that might not always work.  

Whether someone subscribes or they pay for a service or events, you have to make them feel a part of something. The worse thing is to treat others as a faceless audience where you are the one who benefits. Allowing others to step up, participate and lead is what encourages their investment.

How It All Links

A commitment from others to who you are, and what you do and then stepping up to say ‘let’s do this’ is fixed on some key pillars.


Every day isn’t necessarily going to be fun, but it’s the ability to dig a bit deeper and the ability to build something that you have control of, is a privilege. Having the capability to reach other people and their willingness to join in, welcomes an open-hearted approach to everything. 


We’ve got to be prepared for change. The last thing you can do is stand still and accept what worked before. You have to be mobile and be aware of what’s around you. Change comes from recognising who your audience is and continually wanting to improve. 

A willingness for everyone with you to succeed

When you care about the success of others, you can create a unified effort. This could be others supporting each other, or leading with an idea. A principle of ‘how can we all do well’ is a constant driver.

Let’s Round-Up

When you force something on others, that they are not ready for, the less likely they are going to be involved or want to participate. This means that a lot of your efforts become a slog.

However, if what you believe, deliver and encourage feels compelling enough to join in, then you can create something where people want to contribute and even collaborate. 

Your success and marketplace reputation is not just the amount of content you can produce, but it is the values you have, your approach to bringing people together and then a rallying call to say ‘let’s do this.’ This is what helps you to be warmly received by others, find opportunities and encourage momentum from people who care.


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