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How to manage your time

It’s so easy to fall into bad habits and things we become accustomed to such as checking your emails the very first thing in the morning. Have a read of what we think is key to being more productive in the same amount of time to your working day.

Set goals and objectives for yourself

Set realistic targets and goals for 3 months at a time. Focus on building relationships with existing clients and branching out services to prospective clients and businesses.

Organisation is key

Make lists, use a diary and have reminders of things you need to do. By staying organised, this will provide you with clarity of your goals for your company and your clients as well as aiding in managing your time. Don’t be reactive.

Plan your week

Allocate tasks to each day in order of importance for your company and your clients. By doing so, this allows you to follow a steady plan of progression to plan your next steps.

Keep a schedule

Schedule meetings and leave enough time to handle company business. Keep time aside for working on your business (not in your business) and allocate time to respond to emails (don’t be a slave to the ‘ping’ of your inbox).

Use your time effectively

By staying organised, you will be able to make the most out of your time. With meetings, leave extra time in case they run over. Company business must be just as important so people are aware of things you are doing within your particular industry.


Outsource certain aspects of the company to others, to allow you and your business to flourish in the best way possible. Stick to what you’re good at and what you’re not passionate about give it somebody else.

Take a break

Don’t overload yourself with more than you can handle so it’s always a good idea to take short breaks to refresh your mind. Step out of the office and get some fresh air.


Nobody’s perfect, we slip into bad habits but putting into practice these points can make a huge difference.

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