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How You Become An Authority. With Mark Schaefer

Lets have a chat about becoming an authority within your marketplace with Mark Schaefer.

Mark is also a speaker at the May, You Are The Media Conference.

In this show, we had a chat centred on:

– what is our biggest obstacle today to build our spaces and the trust/loyalty of others?

– why do we need an audience big enough to care?

– how important is it to build a reputation and authority to get the job done?

– is being persistent and finding a rhythm more important than having an angle for what we want to say?

– if someone is listening and just starting creating ie. video, writing, audio is it ok to start not very good, as long and they keep with it and can grow an audience over time?

– what about Mark, how has he remained consistent and relevant in our in-boxes each week?

– lets pick up on what Mark mentioned in last weeks 5 social media truths and why ‘nobody really wants you to be authentic’?

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think

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