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Logo or no go?






Have you ever had a meeting with a potential client and got the feeling that made you think, ‘this doesn’t feel quite right!’

We had a great opportunity to sit down with an established company that wanted to refresh their brand. For the ID Group, this seemed like a constructive move to make until it was made apparent that this ‘brand refresh’ was more of a project that was expected to take little time and effort.

The focus was the logo and the need to change was simply it’s ‘looking out of date’. If the logo needed to be changed as it was looking dated, then surely it becomes more than refresh?

It made us think that the logo represents your company and it is more than a set of colours, motifs or shapes. It is an asset that fronts everything that the company represents.

There are a few things that companies should remember about their brand, in particular their logo and why it deserves love and attention:

1. A logo is an ASSET, the least it is, is a logo. This is practically the face of your company and how the world will see you. Just think about how many different forms a company’s logo appears on (website, stationary, buildings, advertisements etc.)

2. TAKE CARE and caution when creating a logo. This is a glimpse into why customers should take notice of you and remember what your company does.

3. A logo ensures CLARITY in everything produced. It doesn’t just stop at the business card; it’s a focal point from DM to advertising, even a Twitter avatar!

4. A logo with ASSOCIATION and LONGEVITY can help utilise effective spend. If the brand’s positioning and promise is evident, there are savings to be made.

5. A logo REFLECTS the PERCEIVED VALUES of a business. It builds trust and relationship, providing a competitive advantage over others within the market.

6. In a more enterprising society, companies need to understand the VALUE that to stand out from others (in the same industry), a logo has to have MEANING and not stand side-by-side with everybody else.

Creativity and strategy shows that your business has something to offer, whether a product or service. A logo alone does not solely represent a brand, but it is just as important that people can remember you.

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