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Looking through the eyes of a child…

[pullquote]“Nobody works harder than a kid.” (David ‘Doc’ Searls, World Famous Journalist)[/pullquote]

With each day, kids continue to grow and develop just like your business.

So, can it be said that the art is to ‘think like a child’? Now we are not talking in terms of behaviour but attitude and how you approach business.

Here are some reasons for you to start thinking like a kid.


By being persistent, you keep trying, remain consistent and you don’t give up. The important thing to remember is that there is a way to be persistent without being annoying. This is by delivering an effective service, paying attention and staying in touch.

Don’t accept rejection

With rejection, comes perseverance. As Vince Lombardi, Famous American Coach once said,

“It’s not whether you get knocked down, it’s whether you get back up.”

Condition yourself and your business to accept the word ‘no’ but continue to try with personality and confidence. Be resilient.

Ask questions

As a child, you are constantly inquisitive because you are always keen to learn new things and find out more. The key is don’t just accept yes an answer, but go the extra mile and ask ‘who, what, where, why, how.’ Approach the world with interest to provide a fresh outlook.

An active imagination

Don’t be afraid to be creative and experience something new. The world and our minds are full of exciting ideas. So, just open your eyes and take the first step to put a fresh idea on paper to think of how to create the next ‘big thing.’ Emphasise individualism.

Enjoy learning

Both children and adults, we learn new things everyday. This could be as simple as meeting someone in a similar field that has provided insight or knowledge that you were unaware of before. Become a sponge and absorb everything that is around you, enjoy what you learn and embrace it in your work.

Have fun

Everything that you do, the way that you present yourself and the way you are perceived should be inviting and approachable. Show that you are a person full of enthusiasm, someone that is reliable to do the job with a creative mindset and keen attitude. The whole experience is made as one to enjoy.

Talk until understood

If you have a valid point and you believe in something, make sure to get your point heard. Make sure that people understand what you do and what you have to say can allow the growth of trusting relationships and a credible business.

As you can see, an approach where you think like a child can be simple and effective, so don’t be scared of the big wide world out there.

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