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YATM Lunch Club | The First One Back After Summer

12th September, 2024 • TBC

We keep going with our occasions to bring people together and enjoy an afternoon out.

The YATM Lunch Club events have a promise to scale camaraderie.

Where we are today feels a long way from where we were testing out ideas when we all came back in the room after Covid. Here is a pic where turned a cinema into a giant Zoom screen back in 2021.

We’ll keep you posted of the theme for this event but lunch is sorted, and a chance to share how summer has been and we get ready for YATM events for the run in to the end of 2024.

This is all about being together with others again and being out for the whole afternoon and calling it ‘work’


YATM Lunch Club | 12th September | YATM Club Member


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YATM Lunch Club | 12th September | Non-Member


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Thursday 12th September

From 12.30pm to 2pm



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