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YATM Lunch Club | Character

12th September, 2024 • TBC

We keep going with our occasions to bring people together and enjoy an afternoon out.

The YATM Lunch Club events have a promise to scale camaraderie.

Where we are today feels a long way from where we were testing out ideas when we all came back in the room after Covid. Here is a pic where turned a cinema into a giant Zoom screen back in 2021.

The theme for this event is on CHARACTER.

It’s not always about the content you create, but the person you are.

This is what fosters progress and genuine connections with others.

It’s much more than what we say or create, it is what is engraved within us. This is how people become familiar and decide if you’re right for them.

It’s for someone else to feel comfortable and that their commitment is time and money well invested. It could even be that what you share and your perspective is a journey that is sensible to follow. Over time, you amplify your character traits, thus aiding others in achieving their desired results.

Ultimately, it’s your character that leaves a lasting impression, inviting others to connect on a deeper level and joining in on the journey.

We’ll have our panel format and we’ll delve into what it means to build character so people want to stay with you.

One thing we can’t forget are the epic pizzas for lunch.

This is all about being together with others again and being out for the whole afternoon and calling it ‘work’


YATM Lunch Club | 12th September | YATM Club Member


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Thursday 12th September

From 12.30pm to 2pm


Pi Pizza

2 High St,

Poole BH15 1BW

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