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YATM Creator Day ’25

15th May, 2025 • Ligthouse, Poole

A day for direction (Thursday 15th May 2025) focused on your content and message. Find momentum to be a leading voice in your industry, build your audience, so people stay with you.

You Are The Media Creator Day unites business creators to explore fresh ideas, learn from successful peers, and collaborate in supportive teams.

Let’s create that space for you to invest time, learn from others and feel a part of the You Are The Media community. Find new work friendships, get to know others better and we’re going to create a team ready to cheer you on.

This day format at Lighthouse, Poole is centred on learning, advice, accountability, fun and creating an end product. The afternoon session is where you have your own cheerleading team to create a piece of content you haven’t done yet (or been brave enough to share). This will be an article, a post or a video and you are going to be supported by your own team who will drive you on and cheer for you.

This is how the day will work:

 — A dedicated YATM Creator Day at Lighthouse, Poole on Thursday 15th May 25

 — Presentations from others with a focus on ‘building spaces.’ It’s the places we can build away from social media.

 — The YATM Creator Day Workbook

 — Group challenge where everyone has their own cheerleading team and a content task set (afternoon session)

 — Zoom session for all participants to share their task (and how they are getting on) with the group

 — Lunch and refreshments during the day provided

The goal is for others to see you and your business as a trusted industry voice and want to work with you. It is centred on your growth, confidence and creation.

Be the beacon of light and hope for others and gain market share with your message.

The aim is for you to:

— work together with other Creator Day attendees on your own piece of content

— share ideas with your own team who will help and support you

— stay connected with your team after the event

— keep your energy levels high

— make new friendships 

We’ll work together, create together, and share our efforts as a team.


15th May 2025

From 9.30am to 3pm


21 Kingland Road


BH15 1UG

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