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YATM Summer Party ’24

12th July, 2024 • Post, Bournemouth

When you’re pushing yourself during the summer months, when it’s hot out there, take it a bit easier on yourself.

If 2024 has been fantastic, or it has perhaps it has felt a bit of a slog, why not reward yourself that you made it to the summer with other people around you?

We are going to have the Summer Party at Post, in Bournemouth from 1pm. In YATM terms it is going to be called.

The YATM Summer Showcase Variety Performance

This is how it will work:

This is our official schedule for the main show from 1pm to 2.30pm:

ARRIVE 1pm | Welcome to the Summer Showcase Variety Performance

Everyone settled and food served.

πŸ”† 10 x mins and Jake’s Deep Fakes

πŸ”† 10 x mins on Gus’ LinkedIn advice to little Gus

πŸ”† 10 x mins on why we were never meant to fit in from Mark

πŸ”† Match up the cards to find your new pals

πŸ”† Liam’s Game ‘Not’ Nite

πŸ”† Prizes for the winners

2.30pm Bottomless drinks for 90 minutes (for people who want bottomless beer, prosecco or a selection of classic cocktails, also have a non-bottomless option at the bottom)

Stay, network and get to know others from the YATM community better.

We are also going to make sure Alix King breaks the World Record for the most hugs in a minute (89 hugs). Here is how we got on at YATM Creator Day for our first attempt.

Our promise to you:

βœ… have a cracking afternoon out

βœ… lunch

βœ… 90 minutes of bottomless beer, prosecco or a selection of classic cocktails

βœ… get to know others better

βœ… community ties even stronger

βœ… games and joining in

βœ… prizes

βœ… call it a half day of work and you’re out to have fun from 1pm

If you prefer not to drink, that’s fine, there is a still a place all ready for you.

The YATM Summer Party is a way to kick back, be around others, do the things that are fun and put it in a box that we call work.

It’s about people, connection and community. Hope you can join in with us?

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Friday 12th July

From 1pm



The Old Post Office

Post Office Rd



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