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YATM Lunch Club | Worth, More Than Money, It’s Values & Purpose

18th April, 2024 • The Harington Club

Come and join in and be a part of the You Are The Media community, in Bath.

Spend some time away from familiar surroundings and meet friends, listen to new ideas and enjoy a great lunch. Come and join Catherine Adams and the team.

Let’s look at what it takes for you to be the person and business that others trust and want to be with.

The YATM Lunch Club format is:

πŸ˜ƒ Chat with likeminded people over lunch 

πŸ”† A focal topic

✊ A business issue aired and shared

πŸ† YATM #winning where people share their joy (we started this at the beginning of lockdown) 

πŸ”₯ Stick around, chat, don’t go back to work (but call it work!)


When we say worth, it doesn’t always have to be about how much you charge per day, but the value that you put on self-worth and personal value.

We always create an open space to share and listen. Everyone can join in the discussion and to answer questions such as:

— Can you share a moment in your life when you recognised the importance of understanding and valuing your own worth?

— How do you maintain a strong sense of personal value independent of others’ opinions?

— Have you encountered situations where expectations or external judgments challenged your self-perception, and how did you overcome them?

— We have all faced imposter syndrome at some point. How have you dealt with feelings of inadequacy and imposter syndrome in your personal or professional life?

— How do you strike a balance between pursuing professional goals while maintaining a sense of contentment?

— The people around us can significantly influence our self-worth. How do you choose and nurture relationships that uplift and support your sense of value?

Lunch for our winter session, in Bath, includes vegetable chilli, bread, tea/coffee and cake.

Let’s help answer some questions that you haven’t quite cracked, or even give some guidance in a team environment.


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Thursday 18th April 2024

12.30pm to 2pm


The Harington Club

5/6 Harington Place



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