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Maintaining Your Brand Promise

Delivering a brand promise is something we all work hard to achieve. If we reach it, we have advocacy, if we break it, we walk a risky path.

The true meaning is to develop enough trust with your customers and key stakeholders that they believe in you and what you stand for. If you fail to develop trust, by providing valuable information and making their lives easier, you become sucked into a bubble with all the competition around you. This happens when customers are exposed to your product and it doesn’t meet what you promise. In turn, the brand suffers.

A current example is the G4S Olympic security fiasco. Their promise as ‘the world’s leading international security solutions group’ may be so, but recent events have tainted the brands promise.

On the other hand, when Bradley Wiggins wins the Tour de France this weekend, he represents a promise that is built by a will to win, championing a sport that is unheard of (for British success) and physical and mental strength over a gruelling 20 stages. His preference to stay out of the limelight and professionalism is only accentuated by the potential sponsorship on the horizon from healthy food, drinks and lifestyle brands (to the tune of a potential £5m).

A promise means that customers count on you to deliver and the perception that you create a positive experience. Your customers chose you for a reason, was it your reputation, your ability, your delivery, your personality, your knowledge? Always come back to those reasons that helped deliver the initial success.

By keeping focused and true to your roots and beliefs, helps maintain quality and customers to believe in your product/brand/business for many years to come.

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