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Show 69 – A New Dawn For The Homebrew


The new Marketing Homebrew podcast is back.

Lets welcome the New Year and give you the momentum to take control of what is yours and apply to your business with the new Growth Schedule for 2016.

Here is how the whole year is looking.

homebrew learning

The year will be split into four key areas: preparation (January – March); process (April – June); results (July – September); review (October – December)

This is then broken down into 12 modules: strategy; build; launch; framework; resource;delivery; measurement; focus; diversify; reflection; assess; what’s next.

With each of the 12 modules will be four topics dedicated to each show.

Businesses cannot jump into a content marketing approach, unless they understand the fundamentals of their business and the role that they provide for others. Lets give clarity and guidance for you.

The whole purpose for the shows during 2016 is to help you understand your role within the marketplace, and to have the confidence to stand for something that you believe in. The end result has to be profitable action for your business and the ability to build an audience that you have responsibility for.

Lets tee everything up for you.

Are your ready?

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