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12 common marketing mistakes

It’s so easy to slip into bad habits, we’ve all done it, us included. Here are the key marketing mistakes that people and businesses make.

Lack of research on a target market

Make sure to carry out effective research and do not make assumptions on a target market. Without thorough research, it is difficult to provide a product or service to a specific audience.

Lack of focus on customer needs

The customer’s needs should come first because without the customer, the business cannot be successful. You must be able to understand what the customer is looking for in order to provide a great product or service.

No structured marketing plan

Structure and organisation is important to manage your time for your company goals and client business. Make sure to set yourself realistic goals and a respectable time period to achieve these.

Lack of consistency in brand, values and message

Consistency is vital in making sure that people understand the messages and values you represent. Each aspect should support each other

Lack of communication with clients

Another important factor to remember is keeping your client informed. As marketers, you have to make sure your client is ‘in the know’ with information on changes and updates. Be sure to make it that you are available for your clients if they have any queries too.

No proofreading

Make sure to double check copy that is sent out. The worst thing would be that people notice and mention misspelled words and incorrect grammar.

Ignoring existing clients for prospects

It is important to keep in touch with existing clients, as they are the reason for your business’ success. Prospects are important to generate more revenue for your business but they are not your only ones that require your attention.


We all hate receiving a swarm of pointless emails. They are a waste of time. Be sure to make your emails and messages valuable to audiences with associations to your brand and values. Give advice and share knowledge.

Ignoring statistics

Numbers are important in analysing how effective a marketing campaign can be. Additionally when measuring the effectiveness of a product or service, the numbers show how successful your business is. We love Mailchimp at the ID Group.

Concentrating on sales instead of forming and maintaining relationships

Strong relationships between businesses are a necessity in being successful. With business relationships, there would be no possibility of sales so it is not the core purpose a business should focus on.

Not have a recognisable image across social media

As social media has become an important factor for businesses, it Is important to have a strong social presence on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. These mediums are the foundations to growing your business community.

Being pushy

Make sure to follow up on leads with clients or prospects but do not bombarding them with emails and phone calls.

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