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The Mirage In The Desert Approach To Content Marketing Measurement

Content marketing measurement. The ID Group design and content marketing Dorset

The world is now driven by collecting numbers for the sake of looking popular. Content marketing measurement should never be a collection exercise.

A mirage in the desert approach relates to people thinking that something looks important when in fact it can be pretty insignificant when it comes to measuring what’s right for your business.

Metrics Aren’t Measured By Likes

By this I mean the warm and belonging feeling we have inside where we consider audience metrics in the form of the amounts of likes, followers and page views we have.

We are now consumed by the need to make our score higher where what really matters are the exchanges we make, the ideas we share and how being in control of all the various platforms (on our terms) can drive sales for your business. Not only this but a customer base who are happy because you are continually making their lives better by solving their problems and being the source for them to come to.

Real Measurement 

Measurement needs to be real and when you convert and bring to the channels that you own, such as:

–       increase in subscribers to what you have to say (not on social media channels but blogs and emails)

–       leads made

–       leads converted to sales

–       customer cross selling and up selling

–       responses and comments

–       opt ins and downloads made from content produced

Success is not driven by who is talking about us, but the connections we make and the conversions to the channels that are rightfully ours. We have to earn the attention of others and to then understand that others believe in what we stand for and appreciate the value that we provide. This is not only about earning attention but also earning the privilege of being part of someone’s space that is already become congested in a world that is continually looking to be popular.

Size Of Audience Doesn’t Matter

The mirage in the desert represents hoards of people who are waiting on our every word in the pursuit of being liked by others. In reality the size of an audience shouldn’t matter at all, what is important is that you have an audience who are listening to you.

Twitter Followers. design and content marketing BournemouthIt always makes me bemused why there are companies who sell popularity on Twitter by purchasing followers. Messages sent to digital ghost towns where participation and engagement is non-existent. There is no one interested in reading what others have to say and no value in using. Being popular isn’t important, but being influential to others in your line of work has a huge effect on how you are perceived as an expert.

To Sum Up

The mirage in the desert approach to content marketing measurement is something that is superficial and whilst thinking has the answers, can deliver a limited return.

We all need to have the right mindset and to achieve the goals that we need to reach by measuring what is real.

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