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Month of Learning

Month Of Learning | OnDemand

Content Reset, Momentum Found

Access The Presentations, Notes & Your Workbook

Regain your content mojo and find that lighting bolt.

During April 2021, You Are The Media delivered online training for an entire month, now you can access the video series, so you can make a difference in your space.


“To my delight this morning I woke up to over 60 bookings overnight, thanks to the wonderful things I have learnt over the past three weeks as part of the You Are The Media Month of Learning.”

Mary Lloyd, Marketing Manager, Dorset Growth Hub


This is a workbook-themed programme. It is here to help you find your content momentum, recognise what you stand for, find your voice and then promote your message (with a focus on LinkedIn).

The end goal is for others to see you and your business as a trusted industry voice. This is going to help you in everything you create for your blogs, social media, video, email newsletter and audio.

Be the beacon of light and hope for others and gain market share with your message.

This is dedicated learning with a modular flow to it.

Block 1 – who are you with Sonja Nisson

Block 2 – find your voice with Doug Kessler

Block 3 – share your message with Trevor Young

Block 4 – promoting you on LinkedIn with John Espirian

The sessions are launched with a presentation from Mark Schaefer.


“Fantastic training from a very smart and engaging group of experts. I took something valuable (and actionable) from every single session and the various themes complimented and built upon each other incredibly well. By the end of it all I felt like my marketing smarts had seriously leveled up. Thoroughly recommended!”

Glen Long, online course impresario

What is included:

Access to all the presentations and round-up sessions

Access to all OnDemand videos for you to work on in your own time

The YATM workbook (PDF) from Bournemouth University


“Real-world guidance, wisdom, and insights from no-nonsense marketing leaders. You Are The Media’s Month of Learning has provided me with practical steps forwards, as well as inspiration and insight for the future of marketing.”

Matt Fisher, UX Consultant, Experience UX

Get access to the whole video programme for £99.


In your own time!


Your screen


Mark Schaefer

Intro & Presentation

Sonja Nisson

Block 1 | Who Are You?

Doug Kessler

Block 2 | Find Your Voice

Trevor Young

Block 3 | Share Your Message

John Espirian

Block 4 | Promote You


Launch & Cumulative Advantage
Mark SchaeferStrategy
Strategy Presentation
Sonja NissonStrategy
Follow Up | Strategy
Sonja NissonStrategy
Voice Presentation
Doug Kessler Voice
Doug's Makeovers
Doug KesslerVoice
Distribution Presentation
Trevor Young Distribute
Follow Up | Distribution
Trevor YoungDistribute
LinkedIn Presentation
John Espirian Promote
Follow Up | LinkedIn Surgery
John EspirianPromote
Closing Words
All TeachersStrategy


YATM Learning | OnDemand

Watch all the sessions to help you become a leading voice in your industry and find your momentum.


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