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Month of Learning

Month Of Learning

April 2021 | Content Reset, Momentum Found

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Regain your content mojo and find that lighting bolt by working together with others.

Rather than sitting in isolation and passively consuming content from an online conference, let’s throw the online rule book up in the air and spend a whole month working together in April 2021. Click here to see the full calendar of activity.

April 2021 is dedicated to helping you find your content momentum, recognise what you stand for, find your voice and then promote. The end goal is for others to see you and your business as a trusted industry voice. This is going to help you in everything you create for your blogs, social media, video, email newsletter and audio.

Be the beacon of light and hope for others and gain market share with your message.

This isn’t talks, this is dedicated learning with a workbook flow to it and a graduation at the end.

Each week has a dedicated topic, with a study group and time with each teacher:

Week 1 – who are you with Sonja Nisson

Week 2 – find your voice with Doug Kessler

Week 3 – share your message with Trevor Young

Week 4 – promoting you on LinkedIn with John Espirian

The month of learning is launched and closed by Mark Schaefer.

To see the full programme for the month click here.

What is included:

Access to all the live online events

Access to all OnDemand videos for you to work on in your own time

YATM workbooks from Bournemouth University

If the world starts to open again, study group option at Bournemouth University

Graduation event on Friday 30th April 2021

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April 2021
The whole month!


Your screen


Mark Schaefer

Launch & Graduation

Sonja Nisson

Week 1 | Who Are You?

Doug Kessler

Week 2 | Find Your Voice

Trevor Young

Week 3 | Share Your Message

John Espirian

Week 4 | Promote You


Launch & Cumulative Advantage
Mark SchaeferThur 1st April
Who Are You?
Sonja NissonTues 6th April
Study Group
Thurs 8th April
Follow Up With Sonja
Sonja NissonFri 9th April
Create Your Message
Doug Kessler Tues 13th April
Study Group
Thur 15th April
Follow Up With Doug
Doug Kessler Fri 16th April
Distribute & Promote
Trevor YoungTues 20th April
Study Group
Thur 22nd April
Follow Up With Trevor
Trevor YoungFri 23rd April
John EspirianTues 27th April
Study Group
Thurs 29th April
Follow Up With John
John EspirianFri 30th April
Mark Schaefer Fri 30th April


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