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The ‘Industry Expert’ Is An Empty Phrase

School photo. The ID Group, content marketing Poole, Bournemouth Dorset

Whilst being the industry expert helps our perception to be seen as an authority, it isn’t enough to stand in isolation as a company others want to work with.

We now need to be regarded as more than experts in the respective marketplaces where we are looking to build an influence. What is perhaps more important is to become someone that others can relate to and empathise with.

The ‘Industry Expert’ Is A Shallow Mantra To Work To

Our roles need to be on a higher level than coming across solely as an expert, which I regard as pretty shallow, but to take the role as teachers who are prepared to continually study, learn and impart knowledge to others. Lets look at it this way, if we are not regarded as teachers within our industries, then how can our customers move forward and help them drive profitable action?

The world is now exploding with industry experts who are ready to coney their wisdom, but to become an expert takes decades of dedication and study and to take on roles as the ‘social media expert’ is the wrong word to use. In a digitally driven world, none of us are ready to take the role as the expert, but more enthusiasts and participants interested in how the new world is shaping.

The Reasons Others Work With Us Is Much More

The reason others make that final decision to work with you has got nothing to do with solely being an expert. Lets take things back to school and when it came to the responsibility we all cherished of picking your team from anything that was class related to the games lessons. The first members of our team were invariably those who were the best, but were predominantly those we got on with and hung around with (and the picture at the top is from my middle school, I’m the kid who had the growth spurt!). These were people we cared about and in our circle of trust. The way we behave as adults is no different from how we behaved as kids.

As businesses we need to create the whole package that is more than being experts in the aim to stand out from the rest. We need to be human, creative, confident, have a track record, humility and a responsibility for those we serve. People do not necessarily select the expert, but the one that they can relate to on a personal and emotional level. Have a look at the recent Dell ‘Beginnings’ advert that highlights that some of the world’s biggest brands started off the same as most of us. Love this advert.

Rather than brazenly saying that we are the industry expert others need to work with, we need to be aware of our strengths and weaknesses and tune our energy into what we stand for and the opinions we have (and never wanting to be loved by everyone).

Starting To Round-Up

I originally thought that to be chosen we all had to be considered to be the best, but this is a continuous journey we are all on in an off-centred world where we cannot be afraid of change, but to explore and share the experiences that make us better people and representing robust business.

Be interesting to read your thoughts. Being an expert is only one very small piece in the wider scheme of things to be recognised as the full package in your industry.


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