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How To Achieve Longevity. With Mervyn Stutter.

When you find a space in the marketplace, you can achieve longevity.

On this show, let’s look at the world of entertainment and how that aligns with the B2B world.

Mervyn Stutter has delivered the equivalent of the Royal Variety Show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for nearly 30 years. Mervyn Stutter’s Pick Of The Fringe has been a fixture of the festival and uncovered acts such as League Of Gentleman and Flight Of The Conchords.

We both have a chat and find out:

How has this event kept going since the early 90s?

What has been Mervyn’s momentum to keep this going?

If someone is looking to launch a regular event, what advice would Mervyn give?

What are the secrets to longevity?

Let me know what you think

Enjoy the show.

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