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Podcast Questions You Were Too Embarrassed To Ask. With Chris Huskins

Let’s answer the podcast questions that you think you should to know, but not quite sure, with Chris Huskins.

When it comes to the technicalities of podcasts and the inside/out of this medium, Chris is such a clued-up and knowledgeable person.

I throw a question at him, he knocks it out the park. He’s just the person you need on side. At the February You Are The Media Lunch Club, he shown how to record a podcast via your phone. We gave it a go, click here to listen.

In this show we cover:

Should you not do a podcast if you have nothing to say and share?

Should our podcasts be everywhere from SoundCloud to TuneIn? Which space would Chris always recommend ie. iTunes/Stitcher/Spotify?

What’s more important the sound quality or the content?

Is there a concern that people jump into this thinking it will be a roaring success but in reality they have zero audience?

How can we get on New & Noteworthy on iTunes?

What about music, can I get in trouble if I throw a bit of Queen in there?

The importance of frequency. Should we agree to when we release and stick to it, rather than a burst of shows and then go quiet?

The hardest question of all… do I build my podcast audience?

What is the biggest commitment to making a podcast work, time or money or subject matter knowledge?

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