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The Books To Make You A Stronger Marketer. With Douglas Burdett

douglas burdett

When it comes to what marketing books to read, Douglas Burdett is the perfect person to ask.

Douglas is the host of the long running, Marketing Book Podcast. A show that promises to make you a better marketer.

In this show I ask a host of questions, here they are (as well as the links).

If I wanted to start 2018 with some new thinking  

The Content Revolution by Mark Masters (I HAD TO PUT THIS IN DIDN’T I!?!)  

Non-Obvious 2018 by Rohit Bhargava This will publish on 1/5/2018 This was his 2017 interview:

A book to give clarity on how marketing is today  

David Meerman Scott – The New Rules of Marketing and PR (6th edition)  

12 Powers of a Marketing Leader by Thomas Barta and Patrick Barwise

If I wanted to really lean into building a personal brand?  

The Road to Recognition by Seth Price and Barry Feldman  

If I wanted to learn a bit more about behaviour, not just how we should market/sell?  

Douglas’ own personal favourite from 2017   The End of Advertising by Andrew Essex  

A book that is timeless?  

How To Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie  Anything by Peter Drucker, Philip Kotler

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