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Using Empathy To Get Closer To Your Audience. With Margaret Magnarelli

margaret magnarelli

On this weeks show, lets spend some with Margaret Magnarelli, senior director of marketing at

Empathy is the awareness of the feelings and emotions of others. It can lead to helping your customer more.

Margaret is really leaning into this space, have a read of this article from Contently. 

In this show, lets find out:

Why should empathy matter today?

How easy is it to understand the pain that our customers are facing? Isn’t that the hard part in asking? How can we get better at it?

How does Margaret you make this work at Monster?

Do we sometimes come across as a bit fake by pretending that we care, when all we want to do is get someone to give us their attention or to buy

How can we help others make the right decision?

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