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Positioning Yourself Is The Key To Success

One thing we all aspire to is to create a business where people will be banging on the door to work with you. The simple answer is, position yourself.

I presented at a local seminar last week and when asked, “Why did you bother when you didn’t get paid?” the answer was simple, I wanted to position myself as a bringer of emotion that helps other businesses to do daily business, well.

It is that simple, if you engage with people and spread emotion, it becomes easier to build a business. For instance, if your messages are constantly dictating a sales pitch on Twitter, people tend to switch off. However, people spread content that has a human feel to it, or intended to help others (check out our ‘Quick Twitter Tips’ by the way, is that a blatant plug?), a purely commercial message is less spread.

If you position yourself as the logical choice, then people will listen. You can do this in three ways:

  • Provide an education that helps your prospect become interested
  • Deliver information that is useful to automatically reposition you in the mind of your prospect as more of an expert than your competition
  • Plan and think strategically of a way to sell your product/service that isn’t selling and far stronger than a flat out ‘this is what we do.’

If you position yourself well, you create a strong rapport, when you educate others you build advocacy.

Positioning ourselves in our industries as the ‘respected’ choice can become a massively powerful tool to implement. We can overcomplicate things to the nth degree, but no matter the state of the economic environment, emotion always sells.

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