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Show 11 – Lean Into The Blog Goldmine. With Natalie Hailey

natalie hailey

Lets delve into making blogging work for you, when a rhythm starts to kick in.

Natalie Hailey from Hot Content supports others with how they can find momentum and build an asset library that defines who they are, what they believe in and not sound the same as everybody else.

In this show, lets find out what you need to do, to carve a space that is yours, so people decide, ‘I’m staying here.’

Our conversation looks at:

Is it important to have an overall subject matter where you can put your own stamp on something?

Where does Natalie see people going wrong ie. no plan, sounding the same, running out of steam, it becomes seen as a chore?

How has blogging worked for Natalie?

Should people go into blogging thinking, ‘I can make money out of this?

What gets Natalie enthused about the opportunity for businesses and marketers in 2018?

Enjoy the show and let me know what you think (


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