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Show 120 | Meaningful Brands, Meaningful Marketing, Meaningful Work

Faded Fall

Welcome to the brand new Marketing Homebrew.

A whole new format and even a new theme tune.

Three areas to focus on.

THE BIG WORLD: Havas have recently released their Meaningful Brands report. This highlights the relationship between a brand’s performance and how meaningful they are to someone else. 300,000 were surveyed worldwide.

The figures today are more or less exactly the same as the report in 2008. 74% of people would not be bothered if a brand wasn’t here tomorrow.

Brands still have no meaning and purpose in someone else’s life.

Just because you can do something, doesn’t mean that people will pay attention.

Not much has changed in the past years apart from the ability to access and produce.

The question to ask yourself is ‘how are you making someone’s else’s week better?’

OUR WORLD: Following on from meaningful brands, how do you create meaningful marketing, which leads to meaningful work?

You need to understand the place you have in the context of your customer’s world and their hearts and minds. Concentrate on what your audience is looking for, so your product is put into the context of someone else. This is what drives your message and everything that you present and communicate (time to put best practice in a box and let it go).

Being meaningful means you cannot be too general in what you do. Becoming specific within your marketplace is how you start to stand out.

Whatever you are doing, make sure there is an audience who are interested in engaging with you before you make any significant investment.

YOUR WORLD: Ben Davidson ( from Sarpsborg in Norway asks the question, What is the single most important piece of marketing advise you would give to someone when launching a new website?’

You need to be focused on the people you will interact with.

Clarity is huge here and having a mission for why you exist. It needs to be narrowed down to a single sentence that is visible on the homepage that highlights who you are and what you stand for. This is so much more important than spending hours looking for a stunning photo from Shutterstock.

The core proposition of your business needs to be clear. It is what you bring to the party. Remember, that your product/service is not for everybody.

Ask the question, how are you making someone else’s life easier? This is more than the photo of the goldfish jumping from the small goldfish bowl to the big goldfish bowl.

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