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Show 121 | Unsubscribe, Burn Out, Purpose

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This week, lets look at a broader theme of being relevant to others. All filtered from the big world, to our world, to your world.


Emarketer recently published an article that looks at why people unsubscribe from emails.

One in four people unsubscribe because they receive too many emails in general. The next most popular answer was that they just aren’t relevant to someone else.

Looking further the DMA have recently released their 2017 Marketer Email Tracker ( Lets just say it gives marketers a bad name. One in ten marketers believe that all their emails to customers are relevant to them. Two in five said that ‘at best’ some of their emails were relevant to consumers.

It’s important for a brand to understand their new role as a Publisher. When it works, you have a direct relationship with an addressable person.


Are marketers getting above their station? Rather than this grand purpose, what is wrong with being level headed and building closer relationships?

This is about brand vision verses brand reality.

There is greater success when you share your ideas and approach when you reach a smaller audience rather than casting a wide net.


Thanks to Chris Jackson from Architecture In Motion, a CGI company based in Bristol (

Chris looks at the theme of running out of ideas.

If you say you are going to be committed to creating, will there be a point

when you burn out?


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