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Show 138 – Finding The One Word You Stand For

one word you stand for

You need to find that one word for what you stand for that doesn’t describe your product but the value you provide.

Let me explain.

Content is now showing uniformity.

Within the space of marketing, that I hold my hand up, you can categorise topics into:

  • Marketing is different today
  • You need to be noticed
  • Marketing is a lot difficult than it was
  • You need to be human
  • Don’t be average
  • Use Instagram and Snapchat

…I think you get it.

This is all the stuff that flows through the door that has been left open, with no lock on it. It just allows a constant stream with one topic presented in the same way. Imagine turning the tap on the bath, but not putting the plug in.

What about you?

What is the one word you stand for?

    • what is that word that connects you and what you believe in?
    • if someone asked you for the one thing that you represent, ‘You Stand For…’
    • can you find longevity and scope for that word that you believe in?
    • can you become creative in order to build a community around your core principals and deliver from audio to the written word?
    • can you capture the imagination and attention of others on a consistent basis?

The example that is focused on this show is PCOS Diet Support

Enjoy the show…


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