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Show 15 – If Marketing Is Broken What Are You Doing To Fix It?

marketing_homebrew_podcastMarketing was once 100% about what you sell to persuade others to buy. Things are a bit different today.

The essence of marketing is to develop a demand, that will never change. What has changed are the channels that we are presented with is making it harder to reach out to others.

This weeks show has a nod to a great article from Michael Brenner titled, ‘Is Marketing Broken?‘ Michael highlights that marketing today is ineffective pushing.

A Forrester Marketing Performance Management Survey (2013) highlighted that ‘55% marketers are NOT confident that they know which metrics or business outcomes their stake holders care about.’ Are we getting a bit lost?

So what do we need to consider today as marketers and businesses:

– lets create valuable experiences that connect

– today is about ‘actions’ not ‘claims’ (Communications Marketing not Marketing Communications as described by Richard Edelman, CEO of Edelman)

– consumers are tuning out, we need to change by understanding them (banner ads are just wallpaper today, most email is junk, does TV hold the same attention as it did when the A-Team was on?)

– you have to become more committed (by creating a continuum)

– set clearly defined goals

– plan, optimise and be relentless (it’s easier than ever to say, ‘it’s not working’)

– be more relevant to someone else

– ask yourself ‘Only We…’

Let Ian and myself explain in this weeks Marketing Homebrew podcast.


Image courtesy of Lee Haywood

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