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Show 16 – We’re Starting A Movement, Are You In?


It’s time to do things better than your competition and build your own space.

First of all you need to ask yourself, “where am I going?”

We all have to get out there and take the risk to create. If it works then it can provide a huge sense of achievement. For instance, when I was at Leicester University I trialed for the first team with every other footballer and ended up making it into the third eleven.

I knew that I would never get selected for the first team, but I can remember being in better shape than if I had thought, ‘I don’t stand a chance.’ We all have to make that step into a place we may not be comfortable with.

By making that step means that we acknowledge that we have to evolve. We see this everywhere: EE have ditched the Orange Wednesdays and now have the EE Film Club by catering for the ever growing on-demand streaming audience; McDonald’s are now looking into making their breakfast menu available all day and starting to offer table service in Germany; Barclays have become the first UK bank to allow Twitter payments. These are all brands that are constantly evolving their offer so they become more relevant to their audience.

Everyone in marketing is currently under pressure to demonstrate what they are doing produces results. If sales are up, surely the ad campaign worked? Many get caught up trying to please others, whilst at the same time pleasing no one.

You need to be constantly self judging that you are relevant to your audience. This is something that Ian and myself spend a lot of time thinking over and now putting into practice.

We are taking those steps to create a movement, are you in?



Image courtesy of Pasu Au Yeung 


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