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Show 19 – Embrace Your Creative Best


Being your creative best is everything to do with strengthening yourself.

A creative approach means that conversations become powerful when you can spark off ideas that solve problems.

However, creativity is important but many people are not naturally creative. A stronger approach also has the elements of solving problems, planning, strategy and implementation thrown into the mix.

If you are wholly creative, you effectively become the man on Dragon’s Den who can talk a fantastic concept, but crumbles when the numbers and strategy are put in front of them.

There are new approaches and new tools to become comfortable with. There are different ways to market a product, however, the medium may not. There is creativity to be had by using print in a different way, using email in a way that isn’t self promoting to anyone who will hear (and presuming it’s ok to throw random emails on an email list).

Lets face it, it is becoming harder than ever to connect. You need to be original.

It is time to jump into this weeks Marketing Homebrew. Lets do it (and we mention the paper at the top of the page).



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