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Show 21 – Collaboration


As we now find our flow with the 15 minute shows, lets dig deep into the word ‘collaboration.’

This is a subject that resonates very closely to me. Collaboration has helped me grow personally and professionally and we need to share with others to learn, share and grow.

Those companies who say ‘we can do it ourselves’ to me now means ‘we hold our cards close to our chest, we’re not open for change and our final work will be average at best.’

Here are the nine ‘at a glance’ reasons why collaborative relationships work:

–       a huge amount of intellectual capital ie. utilise someone else’s knowledge

–       the ability to join forces with other like minded and hungry people

–       new distribution channels

–       sharing of costs

–       risks are low through business collaboration

–       provides flexibility in how you operate

–       strengthens expertise to your audience

–       advantages of scale and speed at application

–       creative force is shared without being the burden on your shoulders

Come on in and let Ian and myself discuss further.


Image at the top courtesy of JD Hancock


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