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Show 22 – Expert


It’s a word that I feel uneasy with ‘expert.’

It is easier than ever for someone to self proclaim that they are an expert. All it means is that someone is a little further ahead than others with what they are currently learning, applying and hopefully sharing.

An expert is someone that applies many years of dedication and study and to take on roles as the ‘social media expert’ is the wrong word to use. In a digitally driven world, none of us are ready to take the role as the expert, but more enthusiasts and participants interested in how the new world is shaping.

Doesn’t it feel better when we accept that we are all exploring this stuff together, rather than self proclaiming that we are the guru/rock star/ninja/thought leader/maven, just because it’s now easier to put this down in writing within a channel for others to see.

The days of clambering to be seen as an expert is meaningless.

Ian and myself are putting this word into a headlock and then it’s surrendering.


Image at the top of the article courtesy of JD Hancock


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