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Show 77 – Platforms


We’ve created an analogy to work to in this show, it’s all about having a home that you can call your own.

Why become a tenant when you can be the landlord. This is all about building a homebase that have 100% control of (and the principals behind an owned media approach).

Perhaps it’s time to stop thinking you have to do the hard work and reward someone else (Facebook, LinkedIn, Medium).

They key behind all this is to focus time and energy on creating assets that are yours and no one else’s. No one is going to come back and charge you or move the goalposts.

While businesses are at the point of saturation, it is becoming more apparent to sow our own seeds, rather than rely on what has already grown.

Just take a look at Google and what they have done in the past month. They have taken away the ads in the right sidebar and now looks like a mobile search with an extra ad at the top of the page. Businesses are now likely to pay a premium to be seen in a limited amount of space.

What has changed drastically in the past couple of years is not what we are doing, but where we are doing it.

My argument being, you can’t play your own game on someone else’s rules.

As small businesses our patches of land may not be that substantial, but if we focus on making sure what we grow is from our own dedication, hard work and ingenuity.

then we don’t have to depend so much on others, when we start to build our own audience.

In the words of Joe Chernov from a Talking Content Marketing interview, “I think it’s getting more difficult for businesses to be heard. When brands become publishers, the amount of noise increases by orders of magnitude. There’s a glut of content and it’s being pumped indiscriminately across social channels.”

Time to take responsibility of what is yours.

I enjoyed this podcast (Ian and myself recorded it twice, the first go was rubbish), hope you enjoy too.

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