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Show 78 – Expectations


Many are creating more with less return. Your expectations need to be clear.

The luxury you may have had five or so years ago and reach a significant people and draw them to your space is not here in 2016. We all need to work harder.

The luxury of posting within LinkedIn Publisher and having a wealth of comments and reads over the 000s is now replaced by a smaller pool who have an opportunity to see. However, I think that is ok.

My approach has now switched from appealing to many and the pretty loose relationships that go with it, but invest time and effort in a continual dialogue with others (and smaller numbers). I find it more rewarding personally to have that dialogue on email with someone rather than putting it in the public spaces of Twitter and LinkedIn.

Lets look at what we are growing and not get distracted by the pursuit of numbers, that way our expectations can start to have real clarity behind what we want to achieve.

30 minutes for your day, hope you enjoy.

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