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Show 79 – Timing


It is rare to find a marketing person or business owner that has no idea to be creative. The big thing that gets in the way is timing.

Nevermind timing, there has to be a desire to do it in the first place.

We have all this stuff to do, SEO, email, social, create ongoing content, but where are you going with all this? I totally understand that everyone has their job to concentrate on but why not flip it? This about putting emphasis on communicating with an audience and to become accountable. Whether you outsource or delegate, there are options.

A lot of the time, we are all spinning wheels of a multitude of tactics across a digital spectrum. Rather than spending those hours on setting an image for the Twitter profile, put those hours into creating value for your business.

Putting an extra 10% of your week into creation, curation and distribution can start to make things change.

Enjoy the listen, albeit a schoolboy error of not turning on my microphone until around 10 minutes.

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