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Show 82 – Building Your Process


We’re now onto the first show within the ‘Process’ tier, lets dig into building your process.

Once you have developed the thing that you stand for, understood the audience that you are looking to target and have an idea for the message and channels you are going to invest in, it’s time to start putting all this into operation. It can become a process that follows a rhythm or one where there is no structure and becomes a chore (I hope you would never fall into the latter).

Your process should become almost cyclical where you: have a defined strategy for what you want to achieve; commit to the creation, curation and distribution of content; measure and analyse. Remember this is so much more than creating blogs and posts, it is about having the ability to mould a message that an audience embraces and for you to do this on a consistent basis.

So, in a one word framework: plan; create; publish; promote; analyse. It can become your close ally.

Are you ready, hope you enjoy the show.

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