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Show 86 – Collaboration

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Collaboration is so much more than an efficient way to get things done, by effectively sharing the workload.

When you team up with the right people (or person), it can generate new conversations, connections, build a better community and engage within new markets. It’s another way to further deliver your promise. Why take everything on board when there are allies that are ready and waiting out there for you?

This is about building influence, not looking to demonstrate authority.

The secret for this becoming an asset to your marketing kitbag comes down to not walking away when you think nothing is working.

When this podcast started in early 2015, listeners were small in numbers, today we are growing an audience all because it was agreed between myself and Ian that this is a project we would wholly commit to.

Remember, the great man Napoleon Hill highlighted that a group of batteries produced more energy than a single battery. It makes perfect sense, when you build momentum, you can build an army.

This show maybe called collaboration but it is also about: coordination; knowledge; desire; action; purpose; and persistence.

Enjoy the show…

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