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Show 87 – Budgeting For Growth


How much do you put in?

You need to determine how much you are going to invest in both time and budget. The reasons are:

  • it gives you a starting point
  • it enables a commitment, that you can’t back down from
  • it helps you to manage
  • it allows you to allocate resources in different areas such as outsourcing or hiring

When I am asked, ‘how much should we invest?’ I really don’t have the answer, all I can respond with is that you need to invest whatever it takes to make a difference. Whether time or financial, you have to be 100% ‘in.’

Everything depends on your audience, the gaps/needs you can fill and where you are currently within your industry.

It is accepted that a content marketing approach will take you time and energy to see a return. However, it doesn’t have to be a relentless drain on your resources. You need to lay the foundations.

Lets explore in the latest show…Enjoy


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