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    Cut out the middleman and be self-sufficient.

    The You Are The Media weekly newsletter (on a Thursday) will help you build a loyal audience so you become the leading voice in your marketplace.

    For those who:

    📈 want to create work they are proud of

    📈 fed up with the algorithm determining who will see their work

    📈 wish to build a loyal audience

    📈 want to become a trusted voice people cannot ignore

    📈 have a goal to turn a part-time project into a full-time commitment

    📈 create leads, sales, make money and have fun doing it

    When you serve others and become a voice in your marketplace this is how you find better customers and the right people buying from you. That is what gives you immense freedom.

    The You Are the Media weekly newsletter started in October 2013 and today has a global audience (read our story here) and we find that balance between online learning and offline companionship.

    Rather than keeping everything centred on work, you are going to get the fun side in the email. As well as something to play and also the spotlight on others doing good work (how about you?). You can even start the email every week? All to help you feel connected to this community.

    Make your audience, your business.

    THE YATM GOAL… empower people to create businesses that others naturally want to be with.

    WE DO THIS BY… the values of creativity, independence, visibility, experimentation, co-learning, community and self-sufficiency.

    FOR YOU… is the capability to create content that establishes your presence without any barriers. By cutting out the middleman and taking control, you attract people directly to you, where you become the media.

    Let’s make you feel at home and I’ll see you every Thursday morning (GMT).

    Just leave your email and I’ll send you a personal video, so we can both say hello too …. Mark : )

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    The YATM Weekly helps you build a loyal audience so you become the leading voice in your marketplace. All yours every Thursday.

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