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    When you serve others and become a voice in your marketplace this is how you find better customers and the right people buying from you. That is what gives you immense freedom.

    The stronger relationships you build, helps you attract better customers and people to trust you.

    If you can do this on a continual basis to a targeted audience, you have unlocked a place you have never been before.

    The You Are the Media weekly email started in October 2013 and today has a global audience (read our story here) and we find that balance between online learning and offline companionship.

    Rather than keeping everything centred on work, you are going to get the fun side in the email, just for you. As well as something to play and waste time with and also the spotlight on others doing good work (how about you?). All to help you feel connected to this community.

    Let’s make you feel at home and I’ll see you every Thursday morning at 6.30am (GMT) …. Mark : )

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