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Talking Content Marketing: Interview With Jeff Bullas

Interview With Jeff Bullas_The ID Group_content marketing

The ‘Talking Content Marketing’ journey continues with author, strategist and speaker Jeff Bullas.

Jeff is regarded as one of the world’s top social selling marketing masters and his well known blog, focuses on how business can be found online. We look at what what makes a prolific marketer and gaining recognition in your marketplace.

Six questions, six answers, lets get down to the interview with Jeff Bullas…

You are known as one of the world’s top content marketing thought leaders (certainly according to the recent Forbes list). What are the key factors in gaining industry recognition?

At its simplest the answer is based on 2 key activities.

  1. Content: Producing the best content that is relevant to your target audience
  2. Marketing of the content. Making sure that people on your social networks, email subscribers and search engine users can find and share your content with ease!

The world of blogging can be a long road to progress. Is writing a process you have to be 100% committed to and get out of our comfort zones?

Consistent and persistent blogging is vital. It does need a 100% commitment. This is possible when you are performing this based on both your innate abilities (strengths) and passions. It’s called being on purpose.

This will provide the fuel and the energy to stay the journey!

Your content is amplified on Twitter with the frequency of tweets, but do you see a source that you own (a blog/ a website / an email address) as the most important asset to building an audience and customer base?

You need to start and build an online brand on assets that you own. This is called a blog/website. With Facebook changing its rules and winding back its organic reach you have to ensure you maximise the control of your online brand. Social media is important for engagement and distribution but don’t build your online home on rented properties.

The importance of this cannot be overstated. To see how much this is resonating at the moment I recently published an article on LinkedIn that discusses this and it received 170,000+ views and over 700 comments. Click here to read.

What would you say is the biggest mistake that the B2B market makes when deciding to make a content commitment?

The biggest mistake is not planning and creating a strategy roadmap. It doesn’t have to complex

Chris Brogan highlighted that the biggest opportunity for the brands that we create is to ‘stop acting like a bunch of robots.’ Is now the time for the B2B market to become more human in our approach?

The only way to scale your efforts on social media and content marketing is through automation. That doesn’t mean that we can’t be human in our engagement to build raving fans.

 With the ocean of blogs/sites that are available to learn, consume and draw inspiration from, which ones would you never click the ‘unsubscribe’ button?

The are a few that come to mind,, Social Media Examiner, Hubspot and Content Marketing Institute.


Thanks to Jeff for his time and his perspective. To find out more from Jeff and his view:

Jeff on Twitter: click here

Jeff’s Book ‘Blogging The Smart Way’: click here

Jeff’s Blog: click here

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