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Talking Content Marketing – With Peg Samuel


Talking Content Marketing welcomes Peg Samuel, owner of Social Diva Media.

Peg is the co-author (alongside Matthew Capala) of Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5:  The Ultimate Beginner’s Guide to Mastering Facebook Advertising Tools, Fan Growth Strategies, and Analytics.

Peg also serves as Social Media Educator at New York University School of Professional Studies and received attention from E! News, MSNBC, Entrepreneur Magazine, and Good Morning New York.

I wanted to ask her about the role of social media for businesses today.

Six questions, six answers, lets ask…


Do you think that the majority of businesses still get social media wrong ie. treating it as free advertising?

Absolutely! The idea around the platforms is to create dialogue between people as it is “social” media.

There are so many businesses that just push out content of no real value to the end user, what we see that’s worse is lack of engagement with fans or customers.


What is the biggest mistake companies when investing in a social media strategy?

Not being able to execute, it’s all well and good to have a plan, but the best intentions… they are not going to garner any real results unless there is a team in place to activate.


You highlight that we need to create ‘authentic content.’ How do we find our voice in a crowded space?

Every person has their own unique selling proposition otherwise why would they be in business at all? Because they feel like they have something unique and needed to offer.

It’s a matter of taking that perspective and translating it into real valuable content.


How is social media changing things for the better?

Everyone is connected. For business, everyone has a personal brand that they can leverage to potentially get work or more business.

On a personal front, we are hyper in tune to so many people’s life’s I love it.

For bigger brands I like to see them try more integrated cool, marketing approaches, how can they add value to a consumers experience with the brand, social is making branding more disruptive and that’s fun.


What is the main thing you want people to take away from ‘Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5?’

That with a little time & effort Facebook can garner huge results for business, the book is a guide to show someone how.


If Twitter had been around since 1900, which three accounts would you say would be the ‘must follow’ of all time?

#OMG I love this question!!

@JFK (the president not the airport)

@SteveRubell (from Studio54 days)

@AlbertEinstein (omg he has a Twitter handle) “following now!”

Thanks to Peg for being part of the Talking Content Marketing project. Why not get to know Peg a little better:

Facebook Marketing Like I’m 5: click here

Peg’s Website: click here

Peg on Facebook: click here

Peg on Twitter: click here



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