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The Creators Of Tomorrow

Let’s share with you the young people who are doing great work and those who are supporting them.

On this show, it is all about the business people of tomorrow who are a part of the You Are The Media Community and where this is happening from.

We are putting the spotlight on young people who are making that step and the people who are helping them do it. Our main focus for this show is on apprenticeships.

Carina George, Apprenticeship and Sales Account Manager from Poole & Bournemouth College has built the relationships with the business world that allows young apprentices to thrive.

Mark with Maddie Crawford, from Adido

We share the perspectives of two apprentices, Maddie Crawford from Adido and Chloe Marchant from BBX World.

Let’s not forget the all important middle of the show and John Espirian’s LinkedIn Sofa. John helps explaining the difference between followers and connections.

Enjoy the show.

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