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The First In-Person Event Back

Time for you to book your afternoon out.


This is the private page that isn’t on the YATM website navigation, but because you joined the waitlist, you can book before everyone else.

Here is a bit more information…

When we get together for 1st July, the plan is to take what we have delivered with YATM Online over the past year and put this into a live environment, in the theatre. It is still on Zoom, but in a theatre with people in it! Imagine everyone round your house on their screens. This means people watching online also have a big role to play!

The star of the show is you! If you are buying the online only ticket, you are a main guest too. The overall theme is what you have learned from the pandemic as you now move forwards.

The tickets are available £20 YATM members, £25 non-members, online tickets £10. Buy below and let’s have a day to remember when the sun is out.

The beach activity we have during the morning, will explain more nearer the time. If you would like to head to the beach, it’s an ice breaker to see people you probably haven’t seen in many months.

Our last live in-person event was February 2020. Looking forward to what is in store and seeing you.


You can watch in any order, but works best to keep to this learning schedule

Getting The Right People (Not All) On Your Side
Mark MastersAudience Building
Who Is Your Audience?
Janine CoombesTargeting
Coffee Break
Creating Stand Out Content
Jon BurkhartCreation
Aligning Paycheck & Passion Without Burnout
Sarah TownsendContent Entrpreneurship
Visibility Checklist
Emily & Alan BraithwaiteBeing Found
Career Transitioning
Ella OrrChange
Tea break
Newsletter As Your Audience Engine
Joe GloverAudience Growth
Group Activity/Task


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