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The Importance Of Written Communication As Social Currency

Here are five key things that have happened to the business over the past fortnight:

  1. sent out a webmail competition to our database
  2. recommended a business contact via LinkedIn a graphic designer (who has now made it to the final interview)
  3. invited some of our top customers to a breakfast at Chewton Glen (a nearby hotel and spa)
  4. interacting on email with a new client visuals for roadside hoardings for planning approval
  5. Shared the news we won an award via Twitter with some key stakeholders and direct messages to them

What this emphasises is that the discussions, mentioned above, all started with social communication. Whilst face-to-face interaction is vital in building relationships, it is now becoming commonplace that social communication is replacing face-to-face and telephone exchange.

Each of the five examples highlighted different uses of the written word. It was using email messages, LinkedIn comments, a webmail sales promotion offer and 140 character Tweets. The currency of communication we now use is largely the written word.

They key point here is that every message that you communicate has to be clear, concise and coherent. We are all bombarded with messages and to be understood to create a perception that we are knowledgeable and have something of interest to share. One of the new facets we all need to possess are definite skill sets with our written communication. From a tweet to an email we are representing our brands in a number of written formats, use them well.

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