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The Opportunity By Thinking Creatively

We now live in a world where ideas can be delivered and shared easily and quickly, but what’s stopping us?

Over the past year, here at The ID Group, we have found that building a dialogue with our audiences has become a lot more on building direct relationships. For instance, when introducing ourselves to potential new customers we show them video content from presentations to establish that element of trust (and we know what we’re on about) and as the relationship grows we like to think of our customers as belonging to a club, such as our printed (not the easy pdf route) news paper that is posted to them.

What the above is intended to highlight is that the future for business is to have a number of tools that can be delivered quickly and intelligently. You don’t need permission to create content, creating platforms for your messages is accessible and we all now have a reach no one in this world has ever had before. But what holds many businesses and individuals back is the ability to imagine and thinking creatively.

The secret to building one-to-one relationships with customers is working to initiate and implement ideas and deliver them quickly to the marketplace.

We can now connect by effectively becoming our own publishing houses. We can:

  • create blogs
  • contribute on other people’s websites
  • deliver podcasts
  • create video
  • produce ebooks
  • produce our own newspapers/newsletters
  • speak in public
  • webmails

All this is through our own ability by thinking creatively and use the technology that has become a direct part of our lives. Those thoughts we sit and dream whilst on the treadmill in the gym can now be acted upon.

The path that was once set by our predecessors that the end result of marketing spend was an advert, a piece of DM or a website is no more. Doing everything that has always been done, only puts you part of the crowd and the same as everyone else.

The world now provides opportunity in a host of ways and the platforms to deliver are more accessible than ever. If you imagine and create, it means you care. All it needs is a commitment from you.

Image: Flickr courtesy of Majohr

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