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What I’ve Learnt From The Top Content Marketers Who Have Walked The Walk

When you collate a host of opinions in one place, you create a bank of knowledge to learn from.

The ‘Talking Content Marketing‘ project started towards the end of last year with my own curiosity to see if I could reach out to the top content marketers and ask them questions based on changing the way we think, a different mindset from self promotion and interruption, becoming publishers of our own information and building our own audiences.

I guess this is the purest form of influencer marketing by reaching out to respected people and bringing them to the spaces that you own (interaction via email and publishing on a blog).

Technology now lets us have access to people we never had the opportunity before. Who would have thought that ten years ago you could read a book that makes you think a bit differently and then make contact with the author, who then responds to you!

To all those who have participated, I sincerely thank you for being part of this and to those who are part of the project in up and coming weeks and months, everyone is contributing to how the world of marketing and business looks in the mid part of this decade. I hope this becomes a resource to dip into, take from and make you challenge the way that the world is and the way that it is becoming.

Have a look at the Slideshare presentation that presents a snapshot of what participants have said. These are the first 24 interviews and look forward to sharing ‘volume 2’ in the coming months with future interviews.

We now have many ways to engage, connect, share and grow, but there are times we need to learn from those who have ‘done it‘ and continuing to ‘do it.’

To read the full ‘Talking Content Marketing‘ interviews, click here.

What I Have Learnt From The Content Marketers Who Have Walked The Walked from Mark Masters

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