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Traditional Marketing Wins With The Modern

The world has changed massively in the past few years. In the world of brand and marketing, we’re all playing a different game, but no one knows what game we’re playing.

Whilst the focus on digital media is paramount, the ‘traditional’ methods can become overlooked. There is an opportunity to stand out from the crowd by making the most of some tactics that can be said to have taken a back seat.

With the growth of online marketing (email, blogs and everything social media), the principals still remain, educating the marketplace that your business is the place to go to solve problems and reach goals that no other businesses can provide.

The key is not to stick to a few tried and tested methods, but explore ideas where both traditional and modern tactics gain trust and build credibility.

We live in a copycat world where most products and services look alike, but this presents an opportunity to assume a preeminent role in your market. This could take the form of newsletters where you inform your target audience and present your knowledge. Rather than going for the route as a downloadable pdf, produce a printed version where you do one simple thing, caring more.

Whilst spreading your message via the social media channels is powerful (when used properly), to become targeted, direct mail presents maximum impact. This becomes an invaluable way to target a ‘wish list’ of prospects and also to be specific, detailed and straightforward with your customer base.

Being creative and not relying on limited routes to promote your business is the way forward. Use modern methods, complimented by the traditional routes to your advantage. The harder your business works for you, the more asset value it creates, too.

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