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Use Different Media To Connect A Message. With Timo Peach

When you have a clear message, it becomes easier to introduce it to new media channels.

This what Timo Peach has done. He has the brilliant Unsee The Future podcast and then turned it into a live performance.

Let’s look at widening your message so everything connects. Timo uses different mediums but they all connect ie. from a podcast to a gig/event.

We discuss:

Why Timo decided to build a narrative with a podcast?

Did having the building blocks make the live show easier ie. he built his message via the podcast?

Did it help by building familiarity first, before Timo asked people to come to the evening?

What is the biggest reward from all this ie. the potential for something bigger, keep a message going?

As a performer/artist how does it feel to have control of your media?

I also highlight in this show the You Are The Media Summer Tour:

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