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We Are All Now Self Publishers Within Our Own Media Companies

We are all now creators, curators and self publishers within our own media companies. What a fantastic opportunity for all of us.

The digital world is now dominated by the relevance and credibility of content. To Google we are all just as valuable as The Times when the content we produce is appropriate and credible. We can now publish information in either an online or printed format and it can take the look and guise of whatever we want it to be in.

What a position we are all in, but what’s stopping us grabbing the bull by both horns?

The challenge is to create and to own our space. Every company today needs to be a media company in the way that it provides key information to its audience, the frequency of information and the platforms to use, from a blog, to a targeted email campaign. According to Jupiter Research, relevant emails that are targeted to an audience drive 18 times more revenue than broadcast/sales based emails.

A blog is not a single voice, when it works it becomes a viewpoint and a trusted source for a particular industry. To have a blog that stands as a voice for an industry with a team of ‘reporters’ covering all different industry aspects, can mean a growth of influence and trust. This particular blog you’re reading has guest bloggers, similar to news agencies, it doesn’t have one person covering all news articles but teams covering areas of specialism.

As media companies, we have to understand what is relevant to our audience. What works is to put yourself in the audience’s shoes and identify the ways to make their lives better. It takes time, but once you understand your audience you can connect. Once you’ve connected, you can repeat with a proven formula.

For others to see that you care and stand for something that you believe in is so much more powerful than representing your product and merely becoming a salesperson.

Audiences now want information on their terms, it’s up to businesses to know what makes prospects tick and deliver information in a useful, compelling and engaging way.


Image Courtesy Of Flickr: Tom Bagley

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