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What is creativity?

What does creativity mean? Is it all about delivering something new? Is it about new ideas? Is it about having better ideas than the competition? Is it about a budget that allows you to explore? Or is it about thinking smarter?

It is important to remember to be different and an idea to be more than just a way of making money but also of how to benefit others. Here’s how we see it.

  • Creativity is not always about money but allowing you to think and express freely to create ideas that are unique and inspiring.
  • Be a person or a company that makes a difference. Take a simple idea and build longevity with the use of all media platforms – social networks, print, advertising, etc. A vivid imagination and the ability to take calculated risks is key.
  • Have the mindset that anything is possible. Treat the world as your oyster and explore.
  • Have the ability to find a gap in the market and create something exciting and new that hasn’t been thought of. Invest your thoughts and ideas to bring something to life.
  • Create a culture fuelled by creative thinking.

The most important thing to remember is not to limit yourself as there are no boundaries to a person’s creativity. But what you must ensure is that your idea is positive and encouraging to draw in customers to come back and remember your brand.

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