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What’s Your Core Idea?

We’re told all the time about how to position ourselves and how we want others to see us (perception is key, don’t forget!). Analogies and a short description make it easier for others to understand our businesses and what we do.

What’s your core story?

A short description or a great analogy can become powerful, if it’s mundane it lacks power. As an example this is a lame description of The ID Group as a creative marketing company:

‘The ID Group provides marketing communication services aimed at building profile, recognition and credibility for it’s customers, using a variety of tools to deliver a key message.’

We could say this example is a bit boring, lacks simplicity and a bit too logical. It’s a bit like pitching a movie, the idea has to be good and for people to make a connection to it. If ‘The Avengers Assemble’, was pitched as ‘Iron Man and his super hero pals’ then the connection is made straight away in terms of style of the movie. If we go back a bit further we could say that Alien was ‘Jaws on a spaceship.’ Straight away we make our own interpretation.

With our businesses the aim is for others to interpret something easy to think about. A short compact phrase is so much more effective than grand superlatives, pitching our businesses. So, going back to a few paragraphs, describing The ID Group as:

‘Creative marketing where customers learn to deliver successful messages’

… sounds so much better in a few descriptive words. A short compact phrase to describe who you are and what you do. It can become such a powerful tool.

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